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55 responses to “The California PE Exam: Study Books to Use and Avoid”

  1. Brien Laufer


    I took the Oct 08 EE PE exam [EC&C] and read your comments(part 2) about guessing-on problems in areas that you are not familiar with. How many problems did you guess-on and do you have some guesstimate on how many you were able to successfully complete for a passing score?

    Thank you,

  2. Doug

    I just started studying for my EE PE in April. I have the reference manual, but it sounds like it sucks. I’ve heard it is best to just keep doing problems and problems and not really focus on theory. Friends of mine took the class, but hated it, even though they both passed.

    Do you know where I can get the Chelapati book? Do you think it will help with the new California format?

  3. Steve

    Has anyone heard of any recent testing score errors with the CIVIL PE. I recently took the exam with my depth section being water/envir. However my results was for a different section like construction.

  4. Karl


    I just completed the NCEES practice exam and I wanted to get the Chelapati’s PE Electrical License Review book to help me with the Power PE exam this April. Do you know where I might be able to buy this book? Thanks!!!


  5. Gomer

    Great information – – I was also hoping to find a copy of Chelapati’s PE Electrical License Review book to help me with the Power PE exam this April – checked eBay and had no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I completely agree with you regarding Camera and the rest of the PPI and Kaplan guides – almost completely worthless – but they sure do sell a lot of them…

  6. vince


    Where can I find the review manual? I have taken the test twice using the book you said is awful.

  7. David Moran

    Any chance you could help me find the Electrical reference by Chelapati?
    I would really like to get a copy.


  8. Amando

    I have tons of electrical engineering PE review materials, unfortunately, they are all old like in the 70s’. I would like to find a copy of Chelapati’s PE Electrical License Review. Can you help me and please email me more information about it.

  9. Chris

    Aram, I agree with you on those books. I’ve taken the test once already using Camara’s reference books and feel the same as you do. Could you let me know where I can find the Chelapati eletrical books?
    Thanks, Chris

  10. beng

    Hey Aram, I just want to thank you for the lead on the Chelepati manual for electrical PE. I passed the test and boy what a relief. With the construction industry free falling, I think a P.E. designation will make more me valuable for my employer to keep. The Chelapati book was very helpful in my studying; I mean it is a great great book. Keep doing what you doing; your website is awesome!!!

    1. anasuya

      Can you please guide me to find the Chelapati book online? Appreciate your help

    2. Rajesh

      Beng, Is there a way you can help me find Dr. Chelapati’s book.

      Aram, I have tried searching all places – n cudnt find one. Can you help me please ?

  11. Rama Reddy

    Hi Aram,
    Can you please tell me where I can find Chelapati eletrical books? I am preparing to take my exam in October.

  12. Mak

    Hello everyone,

    I am planning to take the CA PE exam next year, I don’t know where to start. Could someone help me out regarding what EE books to read and what areas of EE should I cover?.

    Thank you

  13. nai

    I’ve been looking for some good study materials for the PE exam and came across your page. If you can show me where to obtain a copy of Chelapati Electrical review manual it’ll be highly appreciated.

    Thank You

  14. Ryan Brown

    Hey, that Chelapati book sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for. Any advice on where I might get a copy? Thanks for the post and thanks for the help.

  15. anasuya


    can you please guide me where I can get the Chelapati book? Appreciate your help in this matter

  16. Stevie Woods

    I beleive that Chelepati used to teach at Long beach State. Call over there, and maybe they can tell you his whereabouts.

  17. Steve

    I read your PE review info with great interest.
    As you mentioned it is impossible to find th CV Chelapati book
    Do you have any idea if it is available, even just to borrow and make a copy?
    Thank you in advance for your help!!

  18. Rajesh

    Hi Aram, Would you be kind enough helping me get Dr.Chelapati’s book ? Thanks.

  19. jj
  20. Joe

    Just as and FYI for everyone, I purchased the book from the irvine institue and used it on the pe exam (power) this Oct. I found the book helpful on about 5 or 6 of the problems. It is a good reference book in my opinion as well. The only draw back is that he does not actually walk you through a lot of his solutions step by step, he often skips steps in his text which really is not that bad so long as you work through the solutions and figure out where all the numbers come from. One other book that I found really helpful was the Grangier and Stephenson Power Analysis book (last edition was 1994) The international version of this book is the same as the more expensive US version. I think I got mine for around $40 or so. Anyway, hope this helps those who are looking for some good references.

  21. Maya

    Hi Aram,

    I just checked POWER Exam Specifications at

    I also checked Chelapati book and it specifications are:
    v. 1. section 1, Getting started, section 2, Circuit analysis, section 3. Electrical apparatus, section 4, Power system analysis, section 5, The National Electric Code–v.2. section 6, Electronics, section 7, Power amps and multiple transistor circuits, section 8, Control systems, section 9, Logic principles, section 10, Microcomputer architecture, section 11, Transmissions lines and antennas.

    I am just wondering if Chelapati book covers specifications for power depth pe exam?

    Thank you for the effort to answer the question.

  22. Varand


    I recently bought this C.V. Chelapati book that you rave about, and though i have to admit its better that the reference manual, its still pretty much garbage. It has a ridiculous amount of errors (much more than their Errata sheet covers) not to mention it uses extremely convoluted methods to solve problems and explain theories. this book is an Epic Fail!!!

  23. Clark

    Aram, I believe you are correct there just isn’t any really good study material out there. I would appreciate it if you pointed me to the Chelapati book?

  24. Gabe

    Where can I find the errata sheet?

  25. barbara

    Hi Aram,
    Can you tell me where I can find Chelapati eletrical book? I am preparing again to take my exam in October.
    Thanks and have a good day.

  26. LBO

    I tried to order Chelapati’s book and they can’t send it to me. If someone is selling one please let me know. thanks

  27. MAL

    What a great website. Thank you for the lowdown on the PPI books. They’d be worth the price if they were any good, but apparently this isn’t the case.

    That chelapati book sounds interesting–could you point me to a source

  28. Darb

    I want to nail this test the first time! The info on your site is helpful, but is there any way you can help me find a copy somewhere?

  29. Mark

    Great post! Too bad I bought the Electrical Engineering Reference Manual – It is awful. I wish I would have seen this site before I bought it.

    I would love to learn where I could obtain a copy of Chelapati’s PE Electrical License Review. Any ideas?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  30. Lise

    Aram, I’m looking to use the Chelapati book to study for the April PE. Do you have a pdf copy?

  31. Jonathan

    Hi Aram,

    I have unsuccessfully tried to locate the Chelapati Electrical Engineering Power review book. Is there any way you can assist me in locating it please. I am studying for the April 2011 Power PE exam, and your advice seems to be very helpful.

    Thanks a lot for helping us all in this pursuit.

    1. Darrin Kinney

      You can buy the Chelapati books here

  32. HJ

    I have both sections of the Chelapati book and ive already took the PE power exam last october and the books covers waaay more subjects than the needed for the Power Examination. Even though i thought the test was fine i somehow failed on it. A lot of engineering economics problems came and a lot on the NEC usage as well. Other than that mostly power 3phase problems some circuit design. Not sure what to use as a guide now, i started studying to take it this next april but i pretty much know all the material from my last attempt in october. Going to take some classes cause i was lacking on lighting design amongst other things. Iv’e tried many books and many are crap.

  33. Daniel

    I purchased the Chelapati Power review and its a pretty good review. Thanks a lot. I didn’t realized the Power Electronic chapter was not included. If you know a way I can get some power electronic problems please let me know.

  34. Michael


    I am interested in viewing the Chelapati book for the Electrical PE exam.

    How do I go about viewing the pdf you have posted that is password protected?


  35. Pavitra Mittapalli

    Hi Aram,
    Can you please help me to get the Chelapati Book for Electrical PE.
    Thank You

  36. Dan P.

    Not sure if you are still updating this website, but could you provide me with access to obtain the Chelapati book? Thanks in advance!

  37. Mike


    I would like to how I can get a pdf book of the reference manual.



  38. Ryan V


    i am preparing to study fot the October 2012 NY PE Power exam and am interested in obtained a PDF version of the Chelapatie book(s). Could you please provide me with a copy or the password please?

    Thank you,
    Ryan Vellia

  39. abraham

    I would like to how I can get a pdf book of the reference manual,power electrical study material and books.

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