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  1. ganesh

    Hi, only Linkman Lite is free, Linkman pro is shareware. Also Link Commander is greatest when it comes to bookmarks handling… Link Commander Lite is also available. But none of them are free :(

  2. Stan

    Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Robert Chadwick

    While I think that Linkman is the best PowerMarks replacement I’ve found, it was missing the simplicity, the ‘Magic’ of PowerMarks. My impression of Linkman was that it started as a separate product, by a different author, with different ideas, and then added PowerMarks features one by one. I was a bit overwhelmed by the interface; it just didn’t seem to make sense. One feature I’d love to see in Linkman is to offer a PowerMarks-like interface, maybe call it ‘Easy Mode’ or something. I might grow to appreciate the other features of Linkman, but I learned to dislike it by the time my trial had ended. Another program, Power Favorites, copies the PowerMarks interface much better, but they seem jerky, are unresponsive, and don’t seem interested in continuing development. It’s also missing the ‘Check for updated websites’ feature.

  4. John A. Davis

    Powermarks 3.5 works with IE8, right from the get go. But I’m pretty sure has turned off their NetSync server.


  5. Jason Connor

    Linkman is clunky and awkward compared to Powermarks. Plus Linkman uses anti-piracy shenanigans that border on being virus-like. For example, once installed, it embeds itself into your OS so it can never fully be uninstalled.

    Still looking for a good Powermarks replacement after all these years.

    1. Dick

      I had to uninstall Linkman once, because I had to replace my Notebook with a new one. It uninstalled completely without problems. From some forums I know that they are quick with blacklisting stolen serial numbers, and disabling Linkman if you try to use of these. Well, I would say if you try to steal the software, it’s a punishment well deserved.

  6. Robert Chadwick

    After all these years, I’m still looking for a Powermarks replacement. I’ve been living without, and have over 400 tabs open in Firefox at any given moment. It’s really maddening. I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to see if there was any change in the ‘Replace PowerMarks’ movement. That’s when I came across this page again. As much as I HATE IE (Whenever I use it, it seems it only takes me 15 minutes before I get some trojan from a hijacked webpage. Thanks, Microsoft.), if it works with PowerMarks 3.5, that is tempting. If only Kaylon would release the source. I’d donate good money to get them to release it.

  7. Dick

    I’ve moved from Powermarks to Linkman about 2 years ago. Having about 30k links right now it still reacts instantly, something that Powermarks had problems with. Parts of the user interface may be overwhelming at first. But you have to take into account that it has about 10 times more features than Powermarks. It they would remove them, it would become Powermarks. Very simple, but not powerful.

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